Those people who work on a regular basis from home should find out if they have enough business cover in place. If you are in employment with a company then the chances are that you have. However if you are classed as self- employed and work from home of your own accord then this is another matter and it is these people who should be asking themselves if they have enough cover.

There are many factors to be taken into consideration when working from home, one of them being that office equipment which is considered to be for commercial reasons, when used in the home environment may not be covered when taken out of the office and into the home.

Over 69% of workers, if they had the choice, would elect to work from their home. This means that this could leave many without enough cover should anything go wrong.

Another factor that has to be taken into account when working from home is the liability issues, if clients are going to the home instead of the workplace and, for example they should suffer an accident whilst being there, they could be left being unable to claim.

While working from home certainly has its advantages, insurance is one factor that many simply don’t think about when taking this route. If you are thinking of working from home then you should review your insurance policy to make sure that you have enough cover in place.

If looking for insurance then the best way to purchase it is without a doubt from the comfort of your own home. Looking onine for insurance can get you the best deal, while it also gives plenty of information regarding the type of cover you are likely to need when considering working from home.

All insurance policies have clauses within them and exclusions, so it is in your best interests to make sure you fully understand this when taking out the policy. If the policy states that computer equipment is covered then this won’t necessarily mean computer equipment which is seen as running a business from, but rather your own personal computer.

The wording of the policy has to be looked over very carefully and you shouldn’t just assume that items are covered just because they are in your home. In the majority of policies any equipment that is considered to be office equipment needs a special policy or inclusion in your existing policy, which will usually cost more to add on.