During a startup venture, capital sources are a problem. If you are just a beginning entrepreneur or it is the first time you will be venturing into a business, then the most important question is how you start one if you have limited funds. The truth is, where you get the funds would define how you will be paying the fun and at the same time how to raise money to pay for it.

What is startup capital, Why do you need it, You would need the startup capital so that you would be able to promote your product or your services. You would need it to get your business financed. So even before you started running after possible financiers of your business, you would to make sure that you would have plans that would ensure that it will grow.

When we talk about getting a business financed, the first thing that comes into our mind would be going to the bank and applying for business loans. The problem with banks is that most of their business loans would require the loaner to have a business already. But there are also banks that would offer startup venture loans. They would just need somebody to guarantee it and a good business plan.

Another institution that could help with the loans would be private angel investors or venture capital firms. They would require, still, a sound business plan and financing plan. These venture capital firms would invest on your business but they would require the return for a certain period of time. The transaction may sound easy, but it is not. So if you are planning to get a venture capital firm to finance your business, then you should also get a lawyer used to this kind of transaction so they maybe able to assist you.

The problem we are facing now is that not all private angel investors are looking for new investments. With recession on our backs, they are more into protecting their current investments that getting another one. If you are facing these issues, then there are still ways on how to get that startup capital.

There are some companies that still offer personal loans which range from $10,000 to $100,000. Just make some research about these companies. But these companies just do not allow a person to loan from them easily. They would require that the person borrowing to have good credit and ability to pay the loan. They would investigate if the loaner would have these credentials, and they could be very stringent.

Friends and relatives are also big help in producing that startup capital. But, remember, that when borrowing from friends or family, even if they are family, you would still have to treat them like an investor. A loan is a loan. You would have to figure out how you will be paying and the length of the paying period. You just need to let them know that you will be needing assistance with your new business and show your sincerity and confidence in your ambition and certainly they would work with you.

In this period of economic strain, you will have problems getting your business plan backed. You just need to have a solid business plan and dedication to make it work. You do not need a sob story to get financed, companies are looking at how their investments would return and your should include that in your business plan.

If you cannot get the ideal source of funds, then you would have to start in the bottom and slowly climb to the top. In any business venture, getting startup capital is hard but once you get the success that you would want, its worth it.